• Lili Reinhart has a Netflix movie coming in 2022
  • The Riverdale actress previously called it Plus/Minus
  • But her new film is now titled Look Both Ways

Lili Reinhart fans, watch out! The actress's new film finally has a release date – and a new title. Back in 2021, the Riverdale star shared that she was working on a new project called "Plus/Minus." 

The movie is a collaboration with the streaming service Netflix. In the film, Lili Reinhart will star alongside Andrea Savage and Aisha Dee, among others. It's about a young woman whose life splits into two parallel realities.

Lili Reinhart's Netflix movie got a whole new title?!

But instead of the title Plus/Minus, the film will now be released under the name Look Both Ways. Fans won't have to wait much longer, either. The film is scheduled to hit Netflix on Aug. 17.

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On top of Riverdale, Lili Reinhart already impressed in Jennifer Lopez's Hustlers and Amazon's Chemical Hearts in the past. We are excited and look forward to seeing the Look Both Ways trailer soon...

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