Netflix is on a roll lately, pumping out so many incredible series and films, and the latest, The Devil All The Time, is no exception! The star-studded film is just as creepy as it is mysterious.

On Wednesday, Netflix dropped the trailer for their new thriller, and fans everywhere are eager to watch! The film will feature Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland.

The two Brits show off their acting chops

Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland are proving their acting chops are very much real in The Devil All The Time, a new Netflix thriller that follows the story of a small town, and all the creepy and strange inhabitants. 

Tom Holland stars as "Arvin Russell", a young orphan that feels he must protect the ones he loves from the strange characters that surround them, including Robert Pattinson's portrayal of the sinister town priest. 

After showing various clips of how disturbed the townsfolk are, the trailer ends with an inevitable confrontation between "Arvin" and the priest.

"What I'm about to do I do because I have to, not because I want to," Tom Holland's character says.

Watch the creepy trailer here!