Robert Pattinson was announced as the star of the latest "Batman" film in mid-2019. Several cast updates have followed, and the film, titled The Batman, got its production underway early in 2020.

But now we finally have visuals of Pattinson as "Batman." Footage was shared today from a camera test with Pattinson, providing a first look at him in the new "Batsuit."

Robert Pattinson as "Batman" - the official first look at his Batsuit

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What's new in the video of Pattinson's Batsuit?

It is only brief (and pretty dark) footage, but the video looks to reveal a new chest emblem for Pattinson's "Batman."

It remains to be seen if Pattinson's "Batman" will feature quirks such as the gravelly voice of Christian Bale's portrayal or the wobbly ears of George Clooney's.

Ben Affleck was the last actor to play the role, doing so in 2016's Justice League.

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The Batman stars Robert Pattinson and other A-listers

The Batman is due out in 2021. It is also slated to star Paul Dano as "The Riddler," Zoë Kravitz as "Catwoman," and Colin Farrell as "The Penguin."

Fans of the superhero franchise are especially curious to see Farrell's portrayal of "The Penguin," given the actor's slender build and the character's traditionally round figure.

In the meantime, we await further clips and previews! Hopefully some clearer views of Pattinson's "Batman" will surface as we approach the release of the highly-anticipated film.