• 'High School Musical' is a pop culture phenomenon
  • The role of "Ryan" was played by Lucas Grabeel
  • It turns out "Ryan" was gay the whole time

If you grew up in the late 90s and early 2000s, then you absolutely know that 'High School Musical' delighted an entire generation of moviegoers with its characters and stories, and became an international smash hit. The three films have produced one or two classic and unforgettable characters, including "Ryan" who was played by actor Lucas Grabeel.

"Ryan": Out after 17 years

This was recently confirmed: the character is officially gay! Speaking to 'Variety', director Kenny Ortega confirmed the theory about "Ryan's" sexual orientation. But what was the reaction of Lucas Grabeel, who played "Ryan" in the popular films?

Also interesting:

Tim Federle, showrunner for 'High School Musical' spoke to 'TVLine'. He had called the actor to make sure he was comfortable with it and recalled this: "Lucas, like, cried on the phone and said, ‘This would mean so much to people who grew up with this movie.' It’s what they were always kind of missing from this character [...]"

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