Bombshell is set for release on December 20th, 2019 and a new trailer was dropped about the take down of Roger Ailes and Fox News by female employees in 2016. Theron stars in the film alongside Margot Robbie (fictional character "Kayla"), Nicole Kidman (Gretchen Carlson), Kate McKinnon (fictional Fox News employee), Allison Janney (lawyer Susan Estrich), John Lithgow (Roger Ailes), Connie Britton (Ailes' wife Beth) and dozens of others. Charlize Theron is also a producer of the film alongside director Roach. 

Bombshell New Trailer

Theron transformed into Megyn Kelly

Charlize Theron plays the role of Megyn Kelly and absolutely transformed to look almost exactly like her in real life. She had to shape-shift her appearance with some well-placed prosthetics especially on her face. Theron recruited renowned makeup artist Kazu Hiro who is known for turning Gary Oldman into Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour. He came out of retirement to transform Theron into Kelly for this very important film. Theron also studied video footage of Megyn in order to really understand her and get into character. "You can't tell a story like this if you're not empathetic. You don't have to to be sympathetic, but if you don't understand or you're not willing to for a second stand in their shoes, you can't tell this story," Charlize Theron stated.

The film is important no matter what your feelings towards Fox News are 

Both the director, Roach and Theron spoke to people close to the real-life scandal to get better insight. "We felt such a sense of responsibility since it's a story about women speaking up and being heard," the director said. "These were women who would not have necessarily called themselves feminists and sometimes even were anti-politically correct and they ended up being the people that spoke up," says Roach. Theron added that "all of my other issues that I have with that world, I had to put all of that aside because the story is worth telling," noting that the film has nothing to do with how she feels about Republicans or Fox News

Bombshell is the first film or series to dissect the Roger Ailes' scandal through the eyes of the women affected and involved. Roger Ailes denied the allegations until his death in 2017. Stay tuned for more on the take down of the notorious Roger Ailes in Bombshell... 


Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta

It will be as exciting as the original film!

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