• Seinfeld aired from 1989 to 1998
  • A few cast members have died since then
  • We're remembering the lost Seinfeld stars

Seinfeld still feels like a pretty recent sitcom today. Though parts of the '90s series haven't aged the best, it holds up remarkably well on the whole.

But it has been well over 20 years since Seinfeld ended. Over that time, we've sadly lost more than a few cast members. In memoriam, here are the Seinfeld actors who are no longer with us.

In memoriam: These Seinfeld stars have died

Seinfeld hasn't lost any of its main cast — Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards — but many recurring actors have already died.

We have lost the four lead parents. Barney Martin, who starred as loveable "Morty Seinfeld," passed years ago in 2005. Then in 2020, the TV world mourned Jerry Stiller, who played the great "Frank Costanza."

The mothers "Estelle Costanza" and "Helen Seinfeld" both died in 2022: Estelle Harris on April 2 and Liz Sheridan sadly just weeks later on April 15.

Seinfeld: The dads "Morty Seinfeld" and "Frank Costanza" have died

The man behind the beloved "Uncle Leo" has also died: actor Len Lesser passed back in 2011. Several older cast members belong to the list too: "Mr. Pitt" actor Ian Abercrombie in 2012, "Mr. Ross" actor Warren Frost in 2017, and "Mr. Wilhelm" actor Richard Herd in 2020.

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Actor Sandy Baron played "Jack Klompus," the irritable friend of "Jerry's" dad. Baron was one of the first Seinfeld stars to pass after the show. He died at just 64 years in 2001.

In addition, the actors behind "George's" boss "Mr. Kruger" (Daniel von Bargen), the chef "Poppie" (Reni Santoni), and the coffee shop cashier "Ruthie" (Ruth Cohen) have since died. Cohen actually appeared in the most episodes outside of the main four stars.

It's a sad list of great talents who gave us one of TV's best sitcoms. But Seinfeld fans won't soon forget them.