• RHONY had the lowest ratings it's ever had this past season
  • The reunion show was cancelled, rumours say because of Ramona Singer
  • Andy Cohen addresses what the new show holds in store

Andy Cohen is taking over the Real Housewives of New York, and making sure that the previously well-loved show gets back to the ratings it used to have! So, the TV personality fired everyone! 

RHONY Gets A Much-Needed Makeover!

Andy Cohen isn't going to let low ratings affect his show! The producer and creator of the Real Housewives franchise says that the New York ladies have all been fired, and he has big plans for the future of the show!

Andy Cohen speaks onstage at the Tribeca Talks: "The Real Housewives Of New York City" Panel

Season 13 was controversial at best, thanks to a few ladies that completely shook up the group. Including the first Black woman to join the women in the Big Apple, the series followed a few storylines that caused some shakeups. 

Opening up to Variety magazine, Cohen shared that they're going to "totally start over". 

"I think that we've put last season of RHONY under so much scrutiny and trial that I hate to rehash," he said to the outlet. "When we were shooting, we only had five Housewives, we were shooting during COVID, we were tremendously limited as to where we could shoot."

"I think that if you look at any series, where the ratings are declining week to week as the series goes on, and the viewer feedback is growing disenchanted on social media, I think that was a big red flag for us," he added. 

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So, how does Cohen plan to fix this problem? Create two new shows of course! He said to the mag, "We talked about everything. There were people who really wanted, 'Let’s just totally start over.'"

He continued, "And then there were people who were like, 'Wait a minute, but what about this group that we've invested 13 years in?' I think that’s why this is really listening to everybody."

Part of their casting goals surrounds the idea of an accurate representation of what New York is truly like, and creating a very "diverse" cast for the reboot.

"I feel like we want to get the cast right. We just want to get it right. So that’s the focus right now. I don’t want to back into a production date. Because I want this to succeed," he added.

The series will become Real Housewives of New York, and Real Housewives of New York: Throwback. Both will be available on streaming for Peacock TV.