Sky Rojo is about to burst onto the streaming scene.

The Spanish action and crime series premieres on Netflix this Friday, March 19, with an eight-episode first season. It's a Netflix Original Spanish series about prostitutes on the run from a pimp after a violent incident at their brothel.

Sky Rojo: Preview Netflix's new original Spanish crime series

Netflix writes that Sky Rojo follows "Coral," "Wendy" and "Gina" as they "embark on a frenetic race during which they will have to face many dangers. Their only plan: to stay alive for five more minutes."

The trailer dropped in early March and it already has nearly half-a-million views in that time. As the preview shows, the women hit the road and fend off violent pursuers during a stylishly-shot and fast-paced chase.

Sky Rojo: Cast, episodes, release date, Money Heist creators

As for the cast, Sky Rojo's leading women are Argentine actress Lali Espósito, Cuban actress Yany Prado, and Spanish actress Verónica Sánchez, while Asier Etxeandia plays the pimp "Romeo."

Sky Rojo: Netflix's new Spanish Original series premiers in 2021.

Sky Rojo is also getting hype for combining frenetic action with dark humour — and a link to recent Netflix hit Money Heist is only adding further anticipation. The creators of Money Heist are also behind Sky Rojo, which is being developed as a two-season, 16-episode series.

Tune in to Netflix for eight episodes of Sky Rojo season 1 this Friday. You can also preview the new Netflix thriller series Dealer here.

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