Star Trek: Discovery continues to lead the way for LGBTQ+ representation in the realm of sci-fi TV.

The CBS All Access series, which previously welcomed the Star Trek franchise's first openly gay characters, will introduce characters who are transgender and non-binary in season 3. The actors, Ian Alexander and Blue del Barrio, were announced on Sept. 2.

Star Trek casts trans and non-binary characters on Discovery

The series welcomed its new stars on Twitter, introducing the performers who will appear in Discovery season 3. Alexander, a transgender actor, will portray "Gray," while Barrio, a non-binary actor, will star as "Adira."

Wilson Cruz, who plays "Hugh Culbert," an openly gay character on Discovery, shared his happiness about the casting announcement on Twitter. "I couldn't be more excited for or PROUD of these TWO new loves of my life if I tried," he wrote. "We are family! #lgbtq #representationmatters Love you so much!"

For Barrio, Discovery will mark their screen debut, while Alexander has previously appeared on Netflix's The OA and voiced "Lev" in The Last of Us 2.

Star Trek: Discovery: CBS All Access series to air on main network

Discovery heads into season 3 this fall, when it will also get additional exposure on the main CBS network. The series will begin to air season 1 on Sept. 24 in place of scripted CBS series that are not yet ready for the new TV season.

Season 3 will then premiere on CBS All Access on Oct. 15. Sonequa Martin-Green stars in the series as scientist "Michael Burnham," aboard the USS Discovery. The show's first two seasons on CBS All Access have been met with a largely positive critical and fan reception.

'Star Trek' Cast

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