Josh Gad took over Jimmy Kimmel Live! while Jimmy is on vacation and had Star Wars star Daisy Ridley on as a guest to answer some of his burning Star Wars questions. Now fans are taking to social media with their disappointment in the creators behind Star Wars

Daisy Ridley Spills Star Wars Details To Josh Gad

Spoilers! While hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Josh Gad grilled guest Daisy Ridley about the Star Wars franchise and the story planning. He was relieved to be able to interview her now that she didn't have to be secreative about the films now that she has completed her time in the films. Josh asked Daisy how long she knew that her character "Rey" was related to the evil "Emperor Palpatine" to which she responded with, "At the beginning, there was toying with like an Obi-Wan connection. And then it really went - there were different versions - and then it really went to that she was no one."

Ewan McGregor in 'Star Wars: Episode III'.

This was what was originally implied in the beginning of her character arc which fans would have been pleased with, the idea that anyone could be a jedi, not only someone with the force in their familial line. But then she revealed "And then it came to 'Episode IX' and JJ pitched me the film and was like, 'Oh yeahm Palpatine is grandaddy.' And I was like, 'Awesome.' And then two weeks later he was like, 'Or we're not sure.'"

Countless fans are furious to learn how little planning of the stories there were beforehand. One Twitter user said "This right here is exactly why, ultimately, the #StarWards Sequel Trilogyu is a failure. Nothing was planned out. Nothing was thought through. Nobody was in charge, or had any idea of what they were doing." 

The Star Wars reboots have been met with much critisicm even from it's own cast like John Boyega and Mark Hamil who is openly disdainful of the films. Now fans are calling for answers as to why the main character's story was built at the last second.