Stephen Colbert surprised fans of his talk show by still delivering a new episode on the night of Monday, March 16. All late night talk shows had suspended production beginning this week after growing concerns about the coronavirus. But these social distancing precautions didn't stop Colbert from making a new edition of his show.

Stephen Colbert's "Social Distancing" Late Show monologue

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Colbert called his new show, which took place in his bathtub, "The Lather Show." It featured Colbert in his usual suit, only he was fully submerged in a bubblebath at home. Apart from the bathtub gag, Colbert continued with his usual jokes and commentary in the monologue.

Stephen Colbert's meaningful bathtub message

In the bathtub segment, Colbert shifted attention to the necessity of social distancing. He noted that all of his show staff was at home, and that he was filming the monologue himself. "If you're watching this from home right now, know that you're doing the right thing."

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Colbert had also hosted his final in-studio episode of The Late Show (for the time being) on Thursday last week. The show went on with no viewers in the audience. In case you missed it, watch it below.

Stephen Colbert's Late Show monologue with no audience