Sting came through as the latest performer on Jimmy Fallon's At-Home Edition of The Tonight Show. The vocalist of The Police sang his band's classic track "Don't Stand So Close to Me" along with Fallon and his show's house band, The Roots.

But for the song, some of the performers had to rely on makeshift instruments seeing as they're stuck at home in quarantine. Watch the song below!

Sting and Jimmy Fallon sing "Don't Stand So Close to Me" by The Police

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Sting, Fallon, and The Roots combined for a total of 12 performers on the song. Some of The Roots band members are seen using scissors, a pillow, shoes, and even a Connect Four game to deliver the Police classic.

Yet, somehow, it works! Perhaps they took up the track given the social distancing-friendly message of its title. "Don't Stand So Close to Me" was a hit for The Police back in 1980. 

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Jimmy Fallon continues to entertain during quarantine

The collaboration with Sting was Fallon's latest form of special entertainment as part of his The Tonight Show: At-Home Edition. The show has featured other performances with guests including Adam Sandler, as well as many appearances by Fallon's daughters - who have charmed viewers of his program.

Stay tuned for more, as Fallon enlists more stars for quarantine songs and interviews!

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