• Stranger Things season 4 is airing now on Netflix
  • The show will be back for season 5 afterward
  • Star Joseph Quinn shared a detail about next season

The first part of Stranger Things season 4 is finished and already had a record-breaking debut on Netflix. Fans now eagerly await the second part of the season. Warning: from now on, spoiler alert applies...

Stranger Things season 5: Joseph Quinn reveals THIS detail

Thanks to actor Joseph Quinn, it is now clear that at least his character of "Eddie Munson" will make it to the next season of Stranger Things. But how could that be known?

Quite simply, Quinn mentioned that his wish to be on camera with Charlie Heaton a.k.a. "Jonathan Byers" probably won't be fulfilled until next season. "We're pushing for it for next season," he revealed to Inverse.

Also interesting:

"Eddie Munson's" survival was in question for a long time. After all, he was held responsible for several murders in "Hawkins." Thanks to his statement it is certain: He will survive until season 5 – for at least one episode...

Part 2 of season 4 will be released starting July 1 of this year. Stranger Things season 5, on the other hand, will probably come out in summer 2023 at the earliest.

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