Sylvester Stallone's latest role will see the actor take on the small screen! On Tuesday, Deadline shared the news that Stallone has been tapped to lead Kansas City, a brand-new drama that's coming to Paramount+.

Stallone set to play gangster "Sal" in Kansas City

Stallone, who is best known for his iconic portrayal of boxer "Rocky" in the film franchise of the same name, has had a successful Hollywood career over the years. However, he has not had the opportunity to take on the starring role of a television series— until now! Deadline reveals that Kansas City will center on Stallone's "Sal," an infamous member of a fictional mob.

The plot summary explains that "Sal" will find himself in a challenging position after he is forced to move away from New York. The mobster is said to be "faced with the startling task of reestablishing his Italian mafia family to the modernized, straight-shooting town of Kansas City" following their move to Missouri. As expected, this objective will come with some unforeseen challenges, as Stallone's character "encounters surprising and unsuspecting characters" along the way.

Sylvester Stallone at the Premiere Of "One Night: Joshua Vs. Ruiz," in Beverly Hills, California, 2019

"To be able to have the legendary, transcendent Sylvester playing one of these characters is truly a privilege," one of Kansas City's executive producers, David C. Glasser, said of Stallone. Yellowstone's Taylor Sheridan and The Sopranos' Terence Winter have teamed up for the project, with Winter taking on the role of showrunner. At this time, there is no additional information on casting, but whoever gets to work alongside Stallone will have the honour of joining him in his very first series!