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'That '70s Show': Facts About The Basement

'That '70s Show' Basement

The That '70s Show basement was one of the most iconic TV set locations that anyone could recognize these days. Otherwise known as the "Bat Cave", a description once coined by "Eric" himself, we're showing you some facts about the That '70s Show basement! 

The That '70s Show basement was... one of a kind. It was either filled with a bunch of teens or with a lot of smoke! Yet, it was a place of sanctuary for "Eric", "Donna", "Hyde", "Jackie", "Kelso", and "Fez". The gang always hung out here! Whether for better, or for worse...

That '70s Show: Facts About The Basement

The basement of That '70s Show was that of "Eric Foreman's", played by Topher Grace. He once called his basement the "bat cave" in an episode, and it's where the teens gather to watch TV or gossip. Let's take a look at some random facts about the basement!

1.) Eric's has a spot for his Candyland board game

Eric is a nerd, in and out. So, it's no wonder that he keeps a stash of board games in the background of the couch. However, it was revealed in a later episode that his specific Candlyland game is where his secret stash of cash is stowed away!

'That '70s Show'

2.) The appliances were accurate to each time period

The set and prop department made sure that each piece of furniture/appliance was made for that era, as well as "Eric's" middle-class family. So very retro! 

'That 70's Show'

3.) The "Stupid Helmet"

The so-called stupid helmet was a Green Bay Packers helmet which was to be worn by any member of the group who was about to do something incredibly dumb. Hence, why it was mostly worn by "Kelso." It was used as a type of punishment, as well as intervention. 

'That '70s Show'

4.) No adults allowed

If you remember well, you'll notice that the parents of "Eric" rarely ever step foot in the basement. "Kitty" pops in here and there for laundry, but knows the gang is typically up to shenanigans. 

'That '70s Show' 

5.) Initially, also no girls allowed

In the beginning of the series, you'll notice that it takes some time for "Donna" and "Jackie" to enter the boys' cave. However, "Donna" made it in earlier than "Jackie", since "Jackie" was always seen as the annoying, bossy girlfriend of "Kelso".

'That '70s Show' basement

That '70s Show's basement is one of those places where, when you see it on-screen, it feels like you're there, too! However, probably with a little less smoke and little less hormonal teens.