Peter got to meet his four remaining women's families (almost) last night. Let's just dive right in shall we? The first stop of the night was Hannah Ann's hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee. Hannah Ann takes Peter ax throwing to "make a real man" out of him. During the family meet and greet, it's all about Hannah Ann's dad Rick.

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Peter tells Hannah Ann he's falling in love with her 

Rick is not sure at all if Peter is really falling in love with his daughter, even though Peter reveals that he is. Rick is concerned that Peter will break his daughter's heart (rightfully so) and in the end, Peter does end up telling Hannah Ann that he's falling in love with her

Kelsey and Peter go to a winery in Iowa

Hometown date no. 2 is in Des Moines, Iowa with Kelsey. During the day, Kelsey takes Peter to the Summerset Winery where they stomp on some grapes. Kelsey then reveals to him that she's in love with him. The family part of the date goes alright, with Kelsey's mom issuing a warning to Peter not to break her daughter's heart. Before he goes, Peter tells Kelsey that he's "definitely falling" for her

Madison and Peter take on Alabama

Date number three with Madison was is Auburn, Alabama. Madison takes Peter to Auburn University where her father is the basketball coach and they play a friendly game. During the family part of the date, Madison's mom seems a little unsure about the whole situation and asks if Madison has told Peter about her "very specific faith decisions," which Madison has not yet shared with Peter that she is saving herself for marriage.

Madison was hoping to tell Peter that she is falling in love with him, however the visit with her family was a "harsh reality" check for her. Peter, however thinks that they are both blissfully on the same page. 

Victoria F. disaster of a hometown

Last but not least, the final hometown date with Victoria F. takes place in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The date begins with the pair of them taking some old timey photos for fun and then Victoria surprises Peter with a concert from Hunter Hayes. While they are at the bar, a woman named Merissa (Peter's ex-girlfriend from back in 2012) arrives with some bad news. 

"I think that you’re a great guy and I don’t really think you deserve what you’re on a date with right now. There’s been many relationships broken up because of her," Merissa reveals to the Bachelor. With that bomb just being dropped, Peter confronts Victoria on the front steps of her parents' house and as you can imagine, Victoria deflects. 

Their back and forth turns into Peter apologizing to Victoria for taking Merissa's side and then him leaving without meeting her family. The next morning, Victoria shows up to Peter's hotel room confessing that she's "never tried like this" with anyone else before. Is Peter going to give in again? 

Peter picks his final 3 women

Back in Los Angeles for the rose ceremony (that takes place in an airplane hangar), Peter gives roses to Hannah Ann, Madison and Victoria F. which means that Kelsey is going home. Thinking we have made it through to the end, Madison comes back to tell Peter her truth about her faith as fantasy suites are next week. Until then...