Prince George is third in line to the British throne; his parents Prince William and Duchess Catherine are even preparing him for the big day! However, royal experts say the six-year-old will never become King. Why? Fingers are pointing at Harry and Meghan's royal exit. 

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This is why Prince George will never be King according to experts

As reported by Express, according to royal expert Christopher Lee, Prince George's future depends on how long Prince Charles will be on the throne, which could be decades before even Prince William takes his place at the head of the monarchy. Prince George becoming King could happen in about 5 decades... or could not happen at all if Prince Charles and Prince William's longevity is similar to the Queen's.

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The modernization of the royal family could also play a key role in Prince George's future - earlier this year, Harry and Meghan announced their decision tp step back as senior royal members, which has been affecting the entire royal family in many ways. 

Will there be a future without the royal family?

The public has even wondered if there could possibly be a future without the royal family. Following Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan's decision to become financially independent, it won't be a surprise if we eventually see other family members stepping back from their royal duties. 

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It is still uncertain if Prince George will be King one day. What is true, is that a lot can change within the royal family over the course of five or six decades.