Earlier this year, Harry and Meghan decided to step back from their royal duties and become financially independent while living a quieter life in Canada.

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Queen Elizabeth supported them, however, it doesn't mean their decision would not have an impact on other family members, including royal children.

Princess Charlotte and Prince George leaving the Christmas Day church service at Sandringham in Norfolk, United Kingdom, 2019

This is how Harry and Meghan's exit affects Prince George and his siblings

According to Cheatsheet, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's royal exit is already having an impact on some family members. Experts believe that Prince George, and his younger siblings, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, might be expected to take on more royal responsibilities once they grow up a little bit more.

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Prince William and Duchess Catherine, for instance, are already teaching Prince George how to be King. The six-year-old is currently the third in line to the throne, following his father and grandfather, Prince William, and Prince Charles.

Princess Charlotte made history at just two years old!

George, Charlotte, and Louis are facing a challenging future

Prince George and his siblings are expected to do more public appearances and be on their best behaviour in the upcoming months. Some believe it might be difficult as it is a lot of pressure for kids, since they usually get nervous at public outings.

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While baby Archie is experiencing a new life in North America, his cousins are facing a very different future. Princess Charlotte has been described as "confident but cheeky," while her brother Prince George is believed to be "more anxious."