Meghan Markle seems to be much more at peace ever since she moved back overseas! In an exclusive interview with People, a source reveals that following Megxit, the Duchess of Sussex has been enjoying life in Canada with husband Prince Harry and son Archie.

“It was just this tremendous shift when Meghan returned to Canada," the source reveals in the cover story for this week's issue of People. “You could tell that she felt so much less stressed".

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Meghan and Harry have been "enjoying living a quiet life"

Meghan Markle's life has been much more low-key and domestic since putting down roots in Vancouver with her family. They've been staying in a mansion on Vancouver Island, and Meghan has been spending part of her time appreciating the scenery while hiking.

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Of the couple's lifestyle adjustment, the source reveals to People, "They are enjoying living a quiet life. They go for long walks, they do yoga, and Meghan cooks. They 
are real homebodies who love to chill out with Archie and the dogs.”