Elvis Presley and Ginger Alden 1977

The "King of Rock'n'Roll" spent his last years with her...

Ginger Alden: She Was Elvis Presley's Last Love!

Hannah Brown has narrowed her search for love down to her final two men as they continued their journey to find love in Crete, Greece. For once, there was no sign of Luke P. this week (yay!) and they cut right back to where we left the three remaining men, Peter, Tyler and Jed waiting at the rose ceremony. Hannah first gives a rose to Jed and then the second and final rose went to Tyler C.! That means that a tearful goodbye from Peter the pilot was had from both Hannah and Peter. Hannah just said that she needed to follow her heart. 

Hannah said goodbye to Peter

We got to see Peter back in the hot seat in front of the live audience and he also got to confront Hannah. He admits that she will always have a piece of his heart and Hannah sets the record straight about the windmill... It was actually four times! We are sad for Pilot Peter but we are hopeful that the "perfect guy" will get his happy ending soon. 

Hannah's parents come to Crete

Back in Crete, Hannah's parents come for a visit to meet both of the final men. First up is Tyler C. and everything goes as good as it can in this type of situation! Hannah's mom is charmed and her dad is won over by the restraint he showed in the fantasy suite. Hannah tells Tyler that she's "been falling in love with" him. Swoon!

Jed is writing a dog food jingle

Jed's meet the parents date doesn't necessarily go as smooth after he tells Hannah's parents that he's a musician. Hannah's mom is skeptical and her dad is wondering how he plans to provide for his daughter. Jed tries to reassure them by saying that he's signed a deal to write a dog food jingle, so everything's okay! Hannah starts freaking out after her parents feedback and doesn't want to make the wrong choice. 

The Bachelorette: Final dates in Crete with Hannah

Both men get a final day with Hannah alone. Tyler and Hannah go horseback riding and have a really fun easy day together. In the evening, he takes Hannah upstairs and well, we think you can figure out the rest (so much for restraint...). Jed and Hannah spend their day on a boat and Hannah ends up getting seasick. Their whole day just seems awkward and full of anxiety on both ends. 

Hannah comes out live at the end of the show and says that these last two months have been "really tough and emotional" and that she needs "a lot of answers" from someone tomorrow night... Stay tuned for the finale of The Bachelorette!