Last night's episode started us off right where we left off last week before the rose ceremony in Greece when Luke P. thought it was a good idea to come back with a ring and try and win Hannah back. Hannah's reaction to Luke showing up at the rose ceremony is exactly what we were all thinking. Let's just say that after she told him to leave (again and again) the remaining boys had to intervene and things weren't very pretty. Finally Luke got the message and left. Cue to the Men Tell All with Luke in the hot seat...

Everyone hates Luke

Luke is now in the hot seat with Chris Harrison and it's clear to see that everyone in the room (and at home) can't stand him. Luke talked about how he was blindsided and just wanted to talk to Hannah. He went on to say that he was "ready to fight through anything with her, that's why I went back for her." He also admitted to "being prideful and arrogant, but I think the narcissist [accusation] was pushing it a little too far." We would have to disagree. Then Luke concluded by saying that if he had to do it all again, he wouldn't change a thing... Cue eye roll.

A lot of the guys had some choice words for Luke and Hannah even made a public apology to everyone at the end of the episode for keeping Luke as long as she did and making everyone sit through his drama week after week. That was a Bachelor Nation first! 

Would Would John Paul Jones Do

John Paul Jones had his time in the hot seat where he ate (and threw into the crowd) chicken nuggets with Chris Harrison, got a lock of his hair chopped off by someone in the audience and said how grateful he was for the experience. We will get to see him on Bachelor in Paradise in two weeks time! Mike also got some closure from his breakup with Hannah in the museum while chatting with Chris Harrison. Fingers crossed he's still the next "Bachelor". 

Hannah joined everyone in the hot seat and admitted that she was insecure at the beginning of the process which is why Luke got the first impression rose, but she now knows what deserves and it isn't him (obviously). She made it clear that she wants to move on from the "Luke Show" and we couldn't be happier. 

Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers

We got some really interesting and exciting previews into the next couple of weeks from next week's two night Bachelorette finale to a preview of the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise where we can look forward to seeing Dean with a mustache, John Paul Jones crying, Demi in a relationship with a girl and multiple engagements! We absolutely can't wait!