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Audiences were first introduced to plasma-physicist-turned-string-theorist "Barry Kripke" in season two of The Big Bang Theory. A colleague of both "Sheldon" and "Leonard", "Barry" may have a Ph.D. but he has a hard time socially.

"Sheldon" and "Barry" develop a strange on and off again platonic relationship, with "Barry" often making fun of "Sheldon" and putting him down. Quite nerdy, "Barry" also has a hard time appealing to women, coming off as creepy and rude. Despite his flaws, the show wouldn't have been the same without him!

Who Played "Barry Kripke"?

John Ross Bowie as "Barry Kripke" The Big Bang Theory 

While "Barry Kripke" had a tendency to rub people the wrong way, the actor who played the notorious physicist couldn't be more different. Taken on by charming actor and comedian John Ross Bowie, Bowie would play the part of "Barry" for 11 seasons, from season two until the series finished just last year! 

By the time John Ross Bowie joined the cast of The Big Bang Theory, he was already a seasoned veteran in the comedy and television world with appearances on Upright Citizens BrigradeA.U.S.A., and Family Guy

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John Ross Bowie Today

In addition to a successful career, John Ross Bowie is also different from his character in his ability to appeal to women. Married to his gorgeous wife, actress Jamie Denbo since 2004, Bowie has no issues in the lady department! 

When the 52-year-old is not busy spending time with his beautiful wife and their two adorable children, you can continue to catch John Ross Bowie in film and on television including in his upcoming film Bad Therapy! Make sure to test your nerd knowledge with our The Big Bang Theory quiz!