• 'The Crow' fans compare Bill's and Brandon's looks
  • There's a lot of opinions circulating online
  • The new film is set to premiere in mid-2024

When the news broke that Bill Skarsgård, the haunting face behind "Pennywise," had snagged the lead in 'The Crow' reboot, fans were perched on the edge of their seats. But the first look has ruffled some feathers, sparking a fiery fan frenzy!

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A modern twist on an iconic look sparks debate among fans

In the new trailer, Skarsgård's "Draven" donning makeup that's a stark departure from Brandon Lee's revered rendition. Decked out with tattoos, the look leans into the comic book roots, but is it too much of a twist for die-hard fans?

The Twitterverse is in turmoil! @BossLogic tweets, "FIRST LOOK / I see more Joker than The Crow." The resemblance to Leto's Joker is subtle, but it's there – a modern edge for today's audience. Yet, some fans cling to Lee's legacy, finding it hard to accept any variation that doesn't mirror the original masterpiece.

Nostalgia vs. Novelty

While some declare the remake DOA, mourning the loss of Lee, others like @TimesSqKungFu urge fans to embrace the reboot's unique flair. After all, the original captured the essence of its era – shouldn't the new one do the same?

Director Rupert Sanders is stirring the pot, blending '90s raver vibes with a dash of Post Malone to cook up a "Crow" for the TikTok generation. But will this recipe for reinvention resonate with audiences or leave a bitter taste?

Brandon Lee Brandon Lee stars in Alex Proyas The Crow . 1994., Credit:Movie or TV or Production compa / Avalon PUBLICATI

'The Crow' reboot: The verdict awaits

As the premiere date of June 7 looms, the question remains: will Skarsgård's portrayal win over the crowd or will it be a flight of fancy? Only time will tell if this "Crow" will rise from the ashes or simply fade into the night.

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