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One of our all-time favorite Christmas characters is certainly "The Grinch," originally created by Dr. Seuss and best known for being the main -and grumpy- character of the children's book How the Grinch Stole Christmas! from 1957.

In the film, "the Grinch" has been played and voiced by a number of very talented actors including Jim Carrey, Hans Conried, and most recently Benedict Cumberbatch. Some people love him, and others hate him, but whatever the case, there are certainly five ways we can all relate to him!

Two ways we can all relate to the grumpy character "the Grinch"

  • "The Grinch" is known for feeling uncomfortable in crowded and busy places, especially during Christmas time when everybody is shopping! We bet you also feel overwhelmed when you can't find that special gift you're looking for because there are 10,000 people around you!
  • The grumpy character doesn't like Christmas music at all! We're sure you can definitely understand him after you listen to the same Christmas carols over and over again every year...
Jim Carrey as the "Grinch" in the 2000 film How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Three extra reasons why we understand "The Grinch's" personality

  • "The Grinch" hates Christmas but likes to be invited to parties. Well, yes. We all want to be part of big events even if we end up not attending!
  • He likes to stay at home and doesn't like to "deal" with people every day. Doesn't that make sense? Who doesn't like Netflix & snacks sessions at home?
  • Last but not least. We bet that you have laughed at your own jokes at least once. Such as "The Grinch" does! Apparently, he doesn't need anybody to entertain him...

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