• 'The Karate Kid' is one of Hollywood's best ever films
  • It turns 40 years old this year
  • HERE are some hidden production gems you may not know

Here are some crazy facts about the film's production that many people don't know about. Although it’s hard to imagine anyone but Pat Morita playing "Mr. Miyagi", the film’s producer, Jerry Weintraub, was wholly against casting him for the part. Morita went on to not only win over the hearts of countless audience members.

Some films never die

But Pat also proved just how good he was in the part by earning himself Oscar and Golden Globe nominations. This might come as quite a shock, but Ralph Macchio, the actor who plays small teen "Daniel LaRusso", was actually 22 years old when he was cast for the movie!

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"Daniel LaRusso" now has a son named Daniel!

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Macchio was hugely convincing playing the role of a young teen, thanks to his small build and his youthful face. Daniel LaRusso look isn’t complete without his blue and white headband. But it was accidental...

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