• The Waltons was one of the highest-rated TV shows of all time
  • The show gained an international following that spanned for years
  • The Waltons was known for having many hidden gems in its episodes

Being one of the most successful series ever comes with its fair share of anecdotes and hidden tidbits surrounding the characters, production, and everything in between. For all of you “Waltons” fans, we've rummaged around in the history records to reveal ten exciting facts about the series

TV today couldn't be imagined without The Waltons

Here's one that will shock even the more initiated series fans. Are you ready? Fact 1: The role of "Olivia" was initially played by Patricia Neal, but because of her health deteriorating, she had to cede the role to Michael Learned!

Also interesting:

Neal's stroke of fate became a career-defining role for Michael who certainly made himself a memorable cast member throughout the show's successful run. Here's another interesting bit of information for you. Fact 2: Did you know? The series is based on the stories of Earl Hamner?

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