• The Waltons is a 1970s TV favourite
  • They made a new Christmas movie last year
  • Now a Thanksgiving movie follows in 2022

Fans of The Waltons were treated to a rare new movie last year. And it turns out that won't be the last we see of the "Walton" family.

After The CW revived The Waltons with new stars for Christmas 2021, the network just announced another film. This time it will be about the family at Thanksgiving.

More of The Waltons in 2022! New movie details

According to Deadline, the new TV movie is called The Waltons' Thanksgiving. It's set in 1934 and will feature much of the cast from The Waltons' Homecoming (last year's Christmas film), including original star Richard Thomas.

But there is one cast change. After Ben Lawson played "John Walton Sr." in The Waltons' Homecoming, actor Teddy Sears will take over the role in the Thanksgiving movie. It premieres on The CW in late 2022.

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Of course, The Waltons is the classic series that was among TV's most popular of the 1970s. The show ended in 1981 and was followed by a few additional TV movies.

The Christmas movie in 2021 was a surprise comeback for The Waltons. In the end, fans were divided on the actual film, but it did score solid ratings.

And we'll do it again with the "Walton" family this Thanksgiving.