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The X-Files

The X-Files is undoubtedly one of the most well-known shows in history thanks to its thrilling mystery and intense science fiction. The series surrounded a team of investigators who looked into paranormal phenomena, strange beings, and other situations out of this world. The long-running series had a total of 11 seasons made up of over 200 episodes and gained a cult following internationally

The X-Files has left a great legacy within the television industry, to the extent of inspiring countless other hits such as Lost, Dead Zone, Bones, or Supernatural

The X-Files Awards

The X-Files is one of the shows with the most awards received throughout history! Among its most prominent awards are a total of 36 Emmy Awards! It even won five Golden Globes out of the 12 it was nominated for, three Saturn Awards and over 15 nominations in total!

X-Files Fun Facts

  • "The Smoker" played by William B. Davis was only intended to appear in a few episodes!
  • Actors like Jack Black and Luke Wilson had guest appearances on the show!
  • Gillian Anderson had to stand on a box when filming dialogue scenes with David Duchovny because he is so much taller than she is. 
  • Actor Bruce Campbell was a strong candidate for "Fox Mulder" on the show.