• 'The Avengers' was a popular TV series
  • Some of the former performers are still alive
  • That's what they did after the series

'The Avengers' is a real cult classic. Since the 1960s, viewers have been enthralled by the exciting stories about "John Steed," "Dr. Keel" and "Dr. King.

Some 'The Avengers' actors are still alive and acting

However, some of the popular stars have already passed away. In 2015, fans said goodbye to Patrick Macnee (†93) aka "John Steed," and a year later to "Dr. Martin King" actor Jon Rollason (†84).

Even though some of the stars of 'The Avengers' have already passed, a few of the actors are still with us.

These include Julie Stevens, who starred in the series as "Venus Smith." As a nightclub singer, "Venus" made a singing appearance in every episode. However, her character was only in six episodes.

Julie still starred in a few series but enjoyed her greatest success in the UK as a presenter of children's programs.

'The Avengers' fans surely remember "Agent 69". "Tara King" was played by Linda Thorson.

Linda Thorson played "Tara King" in the agent series "With Umbrella, Charm and Bowler Hat".

Born in Toronto in 1947, the Canadian wowed audiences as "Chingbumm Tara" and continued to star in numerous TV series after her time on 'The Avengers' most recently in a 2019 episode of 'Schitt's Creek'.

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'The Avengers' "Purdey": Supporting role in Leonardo DiCaprio film

The "Purdey" actress from 'The Avengers' Joanna Lumley, is also still with us. She began her career as a Bond girl alongside George Lazenby.

After her time as "Purdey", who fascinated with her extraordinary leg mobility, Joanna appeared in front of the camera for many films and series. In the 1990s she appeared in two "Rosamunde Pilcher" movies and in 'The Wolf of Wall Street' (2013), where she played "Aunt Emma".

Joanna Lumley became a popular series star as "Purdey" in "With Umbrella, Charm and Bowler Hat"