• 'The Jeffersons' was a classic sitcom
  • The show set the standard for sitcoms to come
  • THESE cast members are still alive

Who knows what sitcoms would have become if it weren't for 'The Jeffersons'? The sitcom set the standard and revolutionized the genre in many ways. The show aired in 1975 and followed the adventures of "George Jefferson" and his family in New York City. Let's take a look at which cast members are still alive today.

The cast of 'The Jeffersons' was one of the best ever!

"George" and "Weezie's" granddaughter "Jessica" was played by the adorable Ebonie Smith. She studied at the University of Southern California's Keck School of Medicine. She currently practices psychiatry there and is happily married.

Also interesting:

Conman "Jimmy" was played by actor Garrett Morris who featured a couple of times on the show. He was also a regular on 'SNL'. He was most recently featured in the hit show 'Two Broke Girls'. At 87 years old, Garrett shows no signs of retiring any time soon!

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