• I Dream of Jeannie aired from 1965 to 1970
  • The show starred Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman
  • THESE cast members are still alive today

Who else still remembers I Dream of Jeannie? The sitcom was a hit in the 1960s. For five seasons, fans laughed with Barbara Eden as "Jeannie" — the genie — and Larry Hagman as the astronaut "Tony."

The I Dream of Jeannie cast also included stars Bill Daily and Hayden Rorke, in addition to supporting actors Barton MacLane and Emmaline Henry. But over 50 years later, only a few stars are still around today.

I Dream of Jeannie: The cast today

As you might expect, most of the I Dream of Jeannie cast has sadly passed on. After all, the show ended in 1970. But most notably, "Jeannie" herself, Barbara Eden, is still going strong.

Barbara Eden today

Today, Barbara Eden is in her 90s, and she was still acting into the late 2010s. Super impressive! The TV legend was born in 1931 and was in her 30s while on I Dream of Jeannie.

The other main cast members are no longer with us, but several multi-episode guest stars are still alive. One is Karen Sharpe, who played "Melissa Stone" in I Dream of Jeannie season 1. She was "Tony's" fiancée before he met "Jeannie."

Also interesting:

Likewise, the well-known actor Dabney Coleman appeared in episodes of I Dream of Jeannie. Like Barbara Eden, he is also in his 90s today.

You can also look back through the years with the full I Dream of Jeannie cast here.