No matter how many cigarettes "Don Draper" or "Roger Sterling" smoked, you don't need to worry about their actual lungs... they were fake cigs! Instead, the entire cast smoked herbal cigarettes. What else do you need to learn about the famous period drama? These five things about Mad Men will blow your mind... 

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5 things that you may not have known about Mad Men

1) The wife of "Roger Sterling"'s character, "Mona" is his real-life wife, Talia Balsam.

Talia Balsam and John Slattery starred as "Mona" and "Richard Sterling" in Mad Men

John Slattery and Talia have been married since 1998! And even before her marriage to him, she was married to the successful George Clooney from 1989-1993. 

2) Despite the series taking place in New York, only one episode was actually filmed in the Big Apple.

January Jones and Jon Hamm played "Betty" and "Don Draper" in Mad Men

Yes, that's right - only the pilot episode was made in NY, while the entire rest of the show was filmed in Los Angeles

3) The brother of "Freddy Rumsen" actor Joel Murray is no less than Bill Murray himself.

Joel Murray played "Freddy Rumsen" in Mad Men

Joel is the younger brother of Bill, and in total, the brothers have seven other siblings

4) Jessica Paré ended up recording a full-length version of "Zou Bisou Bisou", the song she performed for "Don" in Season 5 Episode 1...

Jessica Paré as "Megan Draper" in Mad Men

... and it became #1 on Billboards World Music Charts.

5) Jared Harris, who plays the role of "Lane Pryce", had an incredibly famous father: Richard Harris aka the original "Dumbledore".

Jared Harris played "Lane Pryce" in Mad Men

Richard Harris portrayed the wizard for the first two Harry Potter filmsHarry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (2001) and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002) up until his death in late 2002. 

Who knew the cast had so many famous family members already!