• We never got over these TV show deaths
  • THESE series killed off major stars
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In the last few years, TV lovers have been shocked by many iconic roles being killed off. It's easy to get heavily invested in these shows, so to see your favorite character pass away can be heartbreaking.

These TV Series Deaths Broke Our Hearts

Speaking of heartbreak, that is exactly what millions of fans across the world were feeling while watching "Jon Snow's" death in Game of Thrones. Although the character returned for the last part of the series, his death at the hands of his treacherous companions in the "Night's Watch" saddened us all.

These TV Series Deaths Broke Our Hearts

The death of Nicolette Sheridan's character in Desperate Housewives also caused a great shock to viewers, even those who knew about the problems the actress had had with producer Marc Cherry.

Fortunately, the performer's work conflicts did not prevent the stunning "Edie Britt" from leaving "Wisteria Lane" in a manner as she lived in the series: being the center of attention.

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