NCIS will soon be entering its 18th season. Changes have now been announced for the new episodes in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement and the call to defund the police in America and other countries. Since the murder of George Floyd, there have been demonstrations against police violence and racism in particular worldwide.  

NCIS and wants to adapt their representation of police

In order to adapt crime shows and present the police in a more realistic manner, the American television broadcaster CBS has brought the organization 21CP Solutions on board in a partnership. 21CP Solutions consists of people who have already worked with the police or security services and support cities and municipalities in making their police work safer and more equal. 

21CP Solutions is described as, "a diverse and seasoned group of professionals who have worked with local, state and federal jurisdictions and communities to advance 21st century policing and lead some of the most significant police reform efforts in the country."

As TV Line reports, 21CP Solutions are to work with NCIS and its spinoff series as well as Blue Bloods and other crime shows. Their hope is to bring more inclusivity and perspective to the shows. 

NCIS: "Produce accurate portrayals of law enforcement"

R. Scott Gemmill, NCIS: L.A. Showrunner, says: "Having an audience of millions of viewers each week comes with a great deal of responsibility. This new partnership will help us ensure that our storytelling continues to produce accurate portrayals of law enforcement, and will hopefully allow us to play a small part in the ongoing reform moving forward." 

It will soon become clear whether the collaboration with 21CP Solutions is successful. The new seasons of NCIS and NCIS: L.A. are set to resume production in early September

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