NCIS: New Orleans will dive right into real-world social events in season 7. 

Like many shows, NCIS: New Orleans concluded its most recent season earlier than planned due to COVID-19. Season 6 wrapped up four episodes early, with the 20th episode, "Predators," serving as the season finale.

Still, fans received good news when the show was renewed for season 7 back in May. Now, courtesy of star CCH Pounder, we've learned a few details of what's to come in the new season.

NCIS: New Orleans season 7: COVID-19 storyline is coming

Pounder, who portrays "Dr. Loretta Wade," spoke to TVLine about plans to shoot New Orleans in late August or early September. She told the outlet that she was at first "shocked" about the return amid the pandemic, expressing concern about ignoring the ongoing crisis. "We are a part of it and we are living in it," she said.

However, she soon learned that New Orleans intends to take on a COVID-19 storyline to open the new season. "This will be about COVID," the show's writers informed Pounder of the season 7 premiere. It turns out "Loretta," the staff coroner, will be faced with a personal death caused by the disease.

NCIS: New Orleans episodes coming in Fall 2020 

Pounder explained how the new storyline fits into real-world responses to the pandemic. "It reflects on the first part of the [pandemic] situation with masks and people saying, 'No, I'm fine! I don’t need to wear a mask.' All of those things you hear in the community," Pounder told TVLine.

"So it's quite a shock to ["Loretta"] that she wasn’t listened to, or that it wasn't that important to this person," she said, referencing the death that "Loretta" will handle.


Her comments also revealed that the plot is set in the early moments of the pandemic, and that "Loretta" will "most likely stick her neck out" with a strong statement on current events.

CBS previously stated that it does expect its Fall 2020 TV line-up to resume this year, though it's possible they may not meet the usual September premiere dates. NCIS: New Orleans joins the list of programs that will address the pandemic, too, as shows such as Law & Order: SVU and Grey's Anatomy have already committed to doing.