Vogue is recognizing the Queen for her outstanding leadership in 2020.

On Friday, the fashion magazine's British edition released the "Vogue 25," whom they identify as "The Women Shaping 2020" in Britain. It's Vogue's third annual line-up, and it comes in a year defined so far by a global health crisis as well as a worldwide movement against racial injustice.

The Queen lands "Vogue 25" honour in 2020

Vogue's 2020 line-up announcement emphasizes the impact of both the Black Lives Matter movement and the COVID-19 pandemic on its final list. In the case of figures such as the Queen, Vogue says, "Covid-19 has deepened their relevance" in 2020.

In Her Majesty's Vogue spotlight, they identify the monarch's pandemic-era leadership as a stabilizing force for the British people. Vogue writes:

"On 5 April, as the country grappled with fear and grief, Queen Elizabeth II made a television address to the nation, the fifth in her 68-year reign. Her pitch-perfect message, ending with the promise 'We will meet again', echoing the words of Vera Lynn, was watched by some 24 million people.

"Even in 2020 – a precarious year for the royal family in other ways – the Queen is still a source of unique solace and support to the public."

Queen Elizabeth II's pandemic leadership earns Vogue honour

Indeed, the Queen's rare television address was widely praised in early April, when fears surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic were at an early high. Prince Charles had only just emerged from self-isolation on March 30 after his positive test for the disease, too.

The Queen joins 24 other influential women on Vogue's list, which includes activists, actors and musicians, businesswomen, medical professionals, and arts and culture figures. Notable names from the celebrity world are Rihanna, actress Florence Pugh, journalist Emily Maitlis (who interviewed Prince Andrew on Newsnight), and Anne Mensah, Netflix's VP of Original Series.

The "Vogue 25" will appear in British Vogue's September 2020 issue. The Queen's inclusion in the line-up also comes after Meghan Markle featured as guest editor of the September issue in 2019.