• Mandy Moore reflects on last This Is Us scenes
  • The show is coming to an end this month
  • Moore explains thoughts on This Is Us finale

Mandy Moore is going to be just as surprised by the ending of This Is Us as the show's fans! are On Sunday, the actress recently attended an event celebrating the end of the popular NBC show, where she told Deadline why her character's scenes aren't exactly fresh in her mind.

Moore says her final scenes were "filmed years ago"

Moore revealed that the last moments she filmed as "Rebecca Pearson" weren't shot recently. Therefore, she admitted it's difficult for her to recall what specific footage ended up in the episode! "To be honest, a lot of what is in the finale for Milo [Ventimiglia] and I was filmed years ago," Moore said. "So I don't even remember what it was."


While the actress may not recall her last scenes, she did say that she's "excited" about "a couple of things we shot for" the series' last episode. Moore then went on to comment on how she "felt like last week was the finale and this one feels more like an epilogue in a way," explaining that this has to do with the death of her character. Still, she said that she finds the ending of the show "very satisfactory"— which means that fans will likely feel the same!

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This Is Us premiered back in September 2016. Chronicling the story of the "Pearson" family over several generations and multiple decades, the emotional drama instantly became beloved by fans. After it was revealed that the show would conclude with season 6, Moore spoke out about it coming to an end, sharing that "it's going to be so hard" for her to leave it behind.