While most Squid Game cast members were established Korean actors, it's breakout star was actually making her acting debut in the series.

We're talking, of course, about actress Jung HoYeon, who played the young North Korean woman "Kang Sae-byeok" on the Netflix series. But, prior to the massive success of Squid Game, Jung was known on a smaller scale for work in the modelling world.

Squid Game: This is "Sae-byeok" actress HoYeon Jung

Jung, 27, made the move to acting in Squid Game, which ended up becoming a surprise hit around the world in late 2021, shattering several streaming records.

Jung's "Sae-byeok" became a fan-favourite on the show, in what was just her acting debut. The star isn't entirely new to the entertainment business, however.

Squid Game actress Jung HoYeon is also a Korean model.

Since 2010, Jung has been working as a model — and a successful one, at that. She even appeared on a season of Korea's Next Top Model, finishing as a runner-up.

In the 2010s, she appeared on covers of many Korean magazines and made her international runway debut in 2016. She became known for her one-time signature red hair and was even touted by Vogue as a top talent from Korea.

HoYeon Jung: Modelling, Instagram, after Squid Game?

Since Squid Game debuted in September 2021, Jung's popularity has skyrocketed, and her Instagram has grown to well over 20 million followers.

Fans are no doubt eager to see what the stylish model will do next after she stole (and broke) hearts in her acting debut on Squid Game.