• Tom Selleck is "optimistic" about 'Blue Bloods' future
  • The actor hints at possible season 15
  • He reveals behind-the-scenes insights

While fans were bracing for the end of an era with 'Blue Bloods' 14th season announced as its last, Tom Selleck, the heart and soul behind Commissioner Frank Reagan, brings a twist to the tale. "It's a 15-season show," Selleck confidently stated, hinting at the possibility of the show's extension. The actor's optimism stems from the unexpected division of the 14th season into two parts due to a strike, leaving the door ajar for more thrilling NYPD stories.

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Selleck's stand on 'Blue Bloods' success

Reflecting on the legacy of his iconic role in 'Magnum P.I.,' Selleck wishes for 'Blue Bloods' to exit the stage with the same grandeur. "Blue Bloods right now is rather wildly successful," he remarked, emphasizing the show's current prowess and the team's deservingness of a grand finale. This isn't just about prolonging the inevitable but about honoring a show that, in Selleck's eyes, has more tales to tell.

Tom Selleck and Bebe Neuwirth seen filming a scene on the set of Blue Bloods in the West Village, Manhattan 116794, Tom

Beyond the badge: A memoir of success and serendipity

Amid anticipation for the return of 'Blue Bloods' in October, Selleck has been busy promoting his memoir, 'You Never Know.' The book promises an honest recount of his journey in showbiz, steering clear of sensationalism. From harboring dreams of a sports career to stumbling into acting, Selleck's narrative is as captivating as the roles he's portrayed on screen.

As Tom Selleck remains hopeful for more 'Blue Bloods,' fans and the show's crew are buoyed by his optimism. Whether or not the beloved drama extends beyond its 14th season, one thing is clear: the legacy of Commissioner Frank Reagan and the tales of the Reagan family will continue to resonate with audiences, thanks to Selleck's enduring charm and dedication.

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