• Sometimes actors during production of a show
  • Some shows had such a long run that several cast members pass on
  • Here are seven shows where multiple cast members have died

But then there are those series that have lasted long enough and been unlucky enough for several of their actors to pass away. Here are 7 of these series along with all of their actors who have passed on, and their cause of death.

These stars are forever immortalized on film

Let's start with one of the most successful television productions of all time: Coronation Street. Here are the cast members that have already passed on. Arthur Leslie Jack Walker (1970) cardiac arrest. Patricia Cutts, (1974) suicide. Graham Haberfield, (1975) unknown...

Also interesting:

There's also Peter Dudley Bert Tilsley, (1983) heart failure. Jack Howarth, (1984) kidney complications. Bernard Youens, (1984) gangrene. Maggie Jones, (2009) unknown. Betty Driver, (2011) pneumonia. Anne Kirkbride, (2015) breast cancer.

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