• Joe Mantegna joined Criminal Minds back in 2007
  • He's actually been in show business since the '60s
  • This is what Joe Mantegna looked like young

Would you recognize Joe Mantegna before Criminal Minds? The "David Rossi" actor has been playing the role since the 2000s.

But the star, who was born in 1947, has a lengthy career behind him. And as with most people in their 70s, he used to look a bit different back in the day.

Before Criminal Minds: Young Joe Mantegna!

Mantegna started acting in the 1960s, but his first big roles came in the '80s. Here's what he looked like back then...

This is Joe Mantegna in one of his earliest films, Compromising Positions, from 1985.

Joe Mantegna in Compromising Positions

Compared to his bearded and grey style on Criminal Minds nowadays, it's a rather different look! A few years later, we have the star acting here in the movie Things Change.

Also interesting:

And while he's probably best known today from Criminal Minds, Mantegna was first seen by many movie fans in The Godfather Part III.

In those younger days, he played mobster "Joey Zasa" in the final chapter of The Godfather trilogy.

It's been an impressive career for the talented actor! And it doesn't appear he's slowing down any time soon...

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