Penélope Cruz has quite the story about her Oscar statuette.

It turns out her name is upside down on the coveted prize, which she won for her support role in the Woody Allen film Vicky Cristina Barcelona. But the 37-year-old is insistent that the Oscar will remain as it is — and here's why.

Why Penélope Cruz's name is upside down on her Oscar

In a new interview, Cruz explained that her personalized name plate didn't come attached to her Oscar. So her father personally affixed it for her, but he didn't have his glasses on when he did it!

Penelope Cruz Reveals Why Her Name Is Upside Down On Her Oscar

Cruz kept it that way, and her father Eduardo has since passed away. In his memory, she'll never change the upside-down name plate.

The actress says: "It's like he left his print there and it's really emotional for me to look at."

The Oscar win, at the 2008 award ceremony, is still Cruz's only one to date. She came up empty-handed on other nominations for Volver and Nine.

For Penélope Cruz's full story on her Oscar win, please watch the video above.