Westworld has been off the air for several years now, but the hit HBO sci-fi series will finally return to television! On Monday, the network dropped a 2-minute trailer that gives us a first look at what to expect when the show returns, and it certainly has fans excited!

Westworld teases Evan Rachel Wood's comeback

Westworld's season 3 finale saw one of its major players make a big sacrifice, but those who weren't counting on her showing up again might be surprised. That's because the new trailer, which is soundtracked by Lou Reed's song "Perfect Day," shows Evan Rachel Wood is indeed back on the show, presumably as android "Dolores"! However, instead of being a blonde as she was in previous seasons, Wood's character here is brunette.

Evan Rachel Wood attends the Premiere of HBO's "Westworld" Season 3.

Wood has been in Westworld since the beginning and her character happens to be a fan favourite, so this official confirmation that she will be in season 4 comes as major news. The actress has previously shared how she was "happy" to finally be able to show off her black belt taekwondo skills in the show's previous season. Hopefully she'll have the chance to get involved with even more action this time around!

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Prepare for the newest season of "Westworld"!

'Westworld' Season 3: Everything You Need To Know

Westworld fans fortunately won't have long to wait to see where things pick up! HBO has confirmed that season 4 will kick off on June 26 and consist of an eight-episode run. Other returning stars include the likes of Tessa Thompson, Jeffrey Wright, Aaron Paul, and Luke Hemsworth.