The coronavirus has had dire effects on numerous TV shows and Broadway productions. Due to the pandemic, most of the theater curtains remain closed, which has resulted in countless actors losing their jobs and thus their income. Law & Order: SVU is one of the lucky few who has been able to continue production with the new regulations and they are doing their part to help those out of work. 

Law & Order: SVU: Broadway actors cast for the show

Recently, Law & Order: SVU announced the cast for the upcoming episode and revealed that there will be two Broadway actors on the show.

Showrunner Warren Leight (63) explained that they are explicitly looking for Broadway actors for the popular series: "We are trying to hire every Broadway actor we can while we and they wait for the curtains to rise again."

The "Law & amp; Order: SVU “Cast from the very beginning

Leight also revealed to Deadline: "We know how hard the community has been hit here. The goal is to get as many jobs to as many theater actors as we possibly can."

Although they are only smaller roles, they at least offer a required minimum of working days to help the actors maintain their union health insurance. The creators of the series want to help the theater actors in these difficult times, especially considering how much Broadway has helped the series in the past.

"Law and Order: SVU" cast 

The series has cast many major Broadway actors in the past for some of their most popular episodes, so the series will not be leaving these talents behind. 

The pandemic also plays a major role in the series. The 22nd season of Law & Order: SVU is quite realistic and deals with the most formative current events including being in the throes of the pandemic. The Black Lives Matter movement will also be a major theme on the show, according to Entertainment Tonight.

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