Is Who Killed Sara? based on a true story?

The Mexican crime series premiered on Netflix in 2021, and fans have been dying to know about the origin of the shocking story. The answer, as things tend to be in the series, is an unexpected one.

Who Killed Sara?: Is the series based on a true story?

Unfortunately for lovers of true crime, Who Killed Sara? is not actually based on a true story. It's plot, of a man determined to avenge his sister's death, is largely fictional. But there is one fascinating element of the show that was pulled from real life.

Manolo Cardona in a scene from the series Who Killed Sara?

In an interview with The Mercury, series creator José Ignacio Valenzuela confirmed that the main inspiration for the series was the novels of Agatha Christie, the famous author known for her mystery novels and suspenseful plots.

(From Spanish), he said: "It was the detective novels with a very powerful mystery at the beginning and a handful of suspicious characters, all with the possibility of having committed the crime."

Who Killed Sara?: A true story DID inspire one plot

However, Who Killed Sara? wasn't entirely created without leaning on the real-life experiences of the creators...

Manolo Cardona in a scene from the series Who Killed Sara?

In creating the series, Valenzuela did incorporate elements of his own difficulties with adopting his daughter, Leonora, in his native Chile. Those complications are seen in the characters of "José María Lazcano" and "Lorenzo Rozzi" as they become a family.

(From Spanish), Valenzuela told Radio Duna: "The search for Leonora was very painful, very cruel. It was very terrible to confront homophobic, prejudiced institutions around the world and, of course, getting to hold her in my arms has been the most valuable and exciting thing of my entire life."

Manolo Cardona stars in Who Killed Sara? (¿Quién mató a Sara?), which released its second season on Netflix in May 2021. It's not based on a true story, but it is a great watch all the same!