• Will Smith opened up to 'Entertainment Tonight'
  • He teased the new 'Bad Boys' movie
  • Will also said THIS about Jada

Amidst the glittering premiere of 'Bad Boys: Ride or Die', Smith shares the secret sauce to his enduring relationship, placing Jada at the pinnacle of his "ride or die" list, a coveted spot she shares with notable names like DJ Jazzy Jeff and Alfonso Ribeiro. It's not easy to get your name on that ticket these days.

Through Thick and Thin

"It's funny, I was just talking about this, I have always been blessed that there has never been a time in my life when I didn't look to the side and have a ride or die right there," he said. He added, "Jada is one of the most gangsta ride-or-die's I've ever had."

Despite the rollercoaster of headlines and a brief separation in 2016, the couple's recent Easter celebration with their family signals a united front, stronger and more committed than ever.

Switching gears to his professional life, Smith is buzzing with excitement over the latest installment in the 'Bad Boys' saga. Promising a blend of classic banter and fresh faces, 'Bad Boys: Ride or Die' aims to elevate the beloved series to new heights.

The actor says that fans who love the classic "Mike" and "Marcus" banter are in for some new surprises as well as an exciting sequel overall as they "expanded the universe."

"We took an aggressive shot with this movie, we tried to keep it exciting -- we wanted to be [a] full-on popcorn movie but we wanted it to grow with the characters," he said of the film.

"Not try to make the 25-year-old version of the movie -- no, these dudes make it be age-appropriate."

"There are multiple scenes where you will cheer for multiple characters," he shared, adding, "It's Mike and Marcus just like you love them but we've expanded and there's more room for more cast and it's open and, you know, people are smashing."

To Smith, that means the concept of giving audience members more characters to love (and hate) and a story that works not only as a follow-up to the previous three films but as its own concept, entirely. 

Among the fresh faces is Tiffany Haddish, whose dynamic energy and improvisational prowess left Smith in awe.

"Tiffany is a comedian and it's a whole different way their minds work," Smith said. "Tiffany just was saying something different on every single take, right? And I can't, I so admire that, I can't do that. I can't adlib like that. A new scene, a new joke, a new idea literally every time the camera rolls."

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As 'Bad Boys: Ride or Die' gears up to hit theaters on June 7, fans can expect a thrilling ride packed with action, laughter, and the undeniable charm of its leading duo.

But beyond the glitz of Hollywood, it's the tale of Will and Jada's unwavering partnership that captures hearts, proving that through the ups and downs, some bonds are truly unbreakable.