The way Yellowstone season 4 ended, there just has to be another season, right?

Well, so far, Paramount has not announced a renewal for season 5. Seeing as that's the case, there's no official release date either. But there are promising signs that the series will have another season.

Yellowstone: Will there be a season 5? Release date?

The Yellowstone season 4 finale premiered on Jan. 2. It gave closure on a few storylines (like "Jimmy" and the two ranches, and "Jamie" and his biological father), but it sure didn't feel like a series finale.

The good news: Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan previously spilled the beans to Deadline that there are, in fact, plans to shoot a new season in May 2022.

Now, if we were to speculate on a release date... The first four seasons have aired each year since 2018.

But season 4 showed in late 2021 and bled into early 2022, so you have to wonder if season 5 won't premiere until 2023.

One thing that's for sure: demand for more Yellowstone isn't in doubt. The Kevin Costner series is now the most watched on cable TV. The season 4 finale even set a new ratings record for recent TV history.

The Yellowstone universe has also expanded with 1883 and the in-development 6666. Stay tuned for Yellowstone news as it comes.