• Iain Armitage became known as young "Sheldon Cooper"
  • Armitage had his first TV role on Law & Order
  • This is the role he played back then

Iain Armitage has starred in the series Young Sheldon since 2017, playing a younger version of The Big Bang Theory's "Sheldon Cooper". But shortly before breaking into the sitcom, Armitage made his television debut in a popular crime series. After making various theater appearances, he got his first taste of life in the television world with Law & Order.

Armitage appeared in Law & Order episode as "Theo"

Young Sheldon's star made his television debut in 2017 with Law & Order season 18. "Theo" was the name of the eighth episode of the season, and also the character the now 13-year-old Armitage played. Back then, he flickered across the screens of crime fans as "Theo Lachere".

In the episode, little "Theo" disappears after a party thrown by his parents, and his mother "Nadine" then searches desperately for her son. The commissioners of the Special Victims Unit investigate the case, and are of course able to track down "Theo" in the end.

After appearing on Law & Order, Armitage shared a cute photo from the set of the series on Twitter. In it, he can be seen with Mariska Hargitay, better known as "Olivia Benson". The picture was captioned with these words: "Thanks for finding 'Theo' Miss @Mariska. Iain was honored to be a part of @nbcsvu!"

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Armitage's role on Law & Order really kickstarted his career, as Young Sheldon and other appearances on shows like Big Little Lies soon followed. In 2021, he voiced the character "Chase" in the children's film Paw Patrol.