• Princess Amalia finds freedom in Madrid
  • The Princess secretly moved abroad
  • After receiving threats

Imagine being a princess not in a castle, but in hiding! That's the startling reality for Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands, who, due to chilling threats, swapped her student digs in Amsterdam for a secret sojourn in sunny Spain. The young royal's ordeal and her brave face at recent public appearances have caught the world's attention, making her story a testament to resilience and royal diplomacy.

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Madrid: A safe haven

"It was strange circumstances that made me go there," Princess Amalia confessed, speaking about her life in Madrid for the first time during the King's Day celebrations. Despite the fear, she found "a little more freedom" in Spain, a country that holds a special place in her heart, not just for its safety but for its familial connections. Her mother, Queen Maxima, hails from Argentina, making Spanish a language of comfort and Madrid a fitting refuge.

Spain s King Felipe VI (2L), Spanish Queen Letizia (L), Netherlands King Willem Alexander (C), Netherlands Queen Maxima and Princess Amalia

The tale of Amalia's escape to Spain is not just her own but a narrative of international friendship and solidarity. King Willem-Alexander's heartfelt thanks to the Spanish royal family and its people during a state banquet underscore the deep ties between the two nations. "A touching demonstration of friendship at a difficult time," he remarked, highlighting the collaborative spirit that ensured Princess Amalia's safety and continued education.

Back home but not the same

Returning to the Netherlands, Princess Amalia's experience in Spain has forever changed her, offering a unique perspective on freedom, safety, and the importance of international allies. Her participation in the Spain state banquet, adorned in the Ruby Peacock Tiara, symbolized not just a return to royal duties but a celebration of her journey and the support she received.

Princess Catharina-Amalia's story is more than a royal anecdote; it's a narrative of facing fears, finding refuge, and fostering friendships across borders. As she resumes her life in the Netherlands, her Spanish sojourn remains a poignant chapter in her young life, reminding us all of the power of resilience and the importance of a global community.

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