• Sylvester Stallone reveals he and his wive are moving to Florida
  • He raised all his daughter in California
  • Sly "owes" it to his wife

Hollywood's beloved tough guy, Sylvester Stallone, is packing up his gloves and heading to the land of oranges and alligators! In a jaw-dropping announcement on the season premiere of 'The Family Stallone', Sly breaks the news to his daughters Scarlet (21), Sistine (25), and Sophia (27) that he and his leading lady, Jennifer, are leaving their lavish Los Angeles life behind for the sunny shores of Florida.

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"It's an empty nest. I need to change it up," Jennifer confesses, revealing the emotional catalyst behind the cross-country leap. With the Stallone sisters spreading their wings – Sophia and Sistine cozying up in the Big Apple, and Scarlet hitting the books in Miami – Jennifer's ready to shake things up!

Reconciliation and relocation: The Stallone's fresh start

After a rollercoaster of love – nearly hitting the divorce courts in 2022 – Sly and Jennifer are back on track and stronger than ever. "We're going to resolve our issues in a dignified, amicable and private manner," a source close to the couple dished. And what better way to celebrate their rekindled romance than with a brand-new zip code?

The Family Stallone Red Carpet & Reception

The move sparks mixed emotions in the Stallone household. While Sistine sees it as "a great idea," Scarlet can't help but dream of raising her future kids in the family home. Meanwhile, Sly's heart-to-heart with old pals Jon Lovitz and Henry Winkler stirs up nostalgia for his California dreams.

Sly's sacrifice: for love and sunshine

Despite his reservations, Stallone is ready to take a leap of faith for his wife's happiness. "I owe it to Jen to go through this move," he declares, proving that even action heroes have a soft spot for love.

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